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Submission Guidelines for “Online Writing Jobs Blog”

Online Writing Jobs Blog is the editorial section of our website where professional freelance writers share their advice. I am currently inviting experienced freelance writers to write for us. Please do not pitch me an article if you have less than three years of professional experience in either your specialty or the topic on which you want to write. My website is not a market for emerging writers.

I am reviewing one “type” of article right now—and that is simply helping writers earn (more) money…whether it’s copywriting for ad agencies, guest blogging for businesses, writing for parenting magazines, selling fiction stories to literary journals, bidding for work at Freelancer.com, etc.

Aspiring writers want to ask you—a successful freelance writer—one or more of these questions:

  1. How do you earn money with your writing?
  2. What clients, agencies, publications, or markets do you write for that are paying you?
  3. What marketing and/or research strategies do you use to generate ongoing work?
  4. Where can I find writing opportunities for my niche or skill level? What do they pay? And what’s the best way to get work from them?

Can you write an expert article revealing how you earn money as a writer, or how writers can earn money by modeling what you or other successful writers do? Our visitors would love to read something like…

  1. 15 Video Gaming Sites Accepting Freelance Writers and Paying Above $100.
  2. 12 Lifestyle Magazines Accepting Seasonal Stories Now and How to Pitch to Them
  3. 11 Incredibly Easy Ways to Land a High-Paying Gig with an Ad Agency
  4. 15 Literary Journals that Pay $100+ per Story and How to Submit to Them
  5. How to Secure More Freelance Work by Writing a Persuasive Bid Proposal
  6. 15 Staffing Agencies that Need Freelance Copywriters and How to Register with Them
  7. 10 Magazine Editors Reveal What They Want from Freelance Writers
  8. How I Use LinkedIn to Land More Clients
  9. 10 Seasoned Writers Reveal How They Boosted Their Income by 15% in 2016.
  10. ETC.

If you can share your best advice to help fellow writers find/secure more writing opportunities and earn more money, then I want to hear from you.

Check out these articles that we recently published:

Whatever your topic is, it must be timely, relevant, and specific. Write from personal experience using first-person narrative (“I”) and address our readers in second-person (“You”).

You can write an article in any format: short or long form narrative. Make your article easy-to-read, perhaps using numbers or bullets, short paragraphs, subheadings, concise language, and specific real-world examples.

You must have excellent English writing skills (duh!) and in-depth knowledge about what you are covering. You are writing for an audience of both seasoned and aspiring writers.  I am very selective in what I accept and I do consider the overall experience of the writer who wants to write for my website.

Your article must be original and not duplicated content elsewhere. I do not accept articles from content mills, content marketing agencies, or bloggers writing on behalf of companies. I work with individual seasoned writers only, one-on-one.

I do not publish articles that are generalized or watered-down. Articles that I accept are specific and usually narrow in topic.

Suggested word length: 1100-1500 words per article. You’re an expert writer–you decide what word length is best for your article.

Payment: $50 per approved article, paid via PayPal on acceptance. (If you can’t accept PayPal, sorry, you’re out of luck.)

Please note that articles published at Online-Writing-Jobs will remain on the website and accessible to readers indefinitely after publication. After a certain time, if you need me to remove your article (for whatever reason), I will do so.

Ready? Pitch me 1, 2 or 3 of your very best article ideas. I don’t need to explain what to include in your pitch—you’re a professional writer, you already know how to sell me.

Please use the form below to pitch me.

Thank you!
Brian Scott,
founder, Online-Writing-Jobs.com
(Guidelines last revised: DEC 2017)

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