Dec 9, 2017
Freelance Work
Write Quiz Questions for Instructional Topics

Company: Confidential – Posted by: Brian – Preferred job location: Anywhere

Job Type:
Job source:
Job expires in 21 days or sooner.

Job Description:

Our company is looking for writers to create quiz questions based on existing content for a variety of instructional topics. The perfect candidate will write beautifully, have an engaging and approachable style, and be able to work quickly across a wide range of subjects.

Quiz writers will be responsible for completing at least one project each week. Each project will involve creating multiple quiz questions for 20 how-to articles.

Questions must:
– Address a memorable and key point of the article
– Have 2-5 multiple choice answer options, only one of which is correct
– Include an explanation for each answer option, explaining why it is correct or incorrect
– Help readers learn the material in a fun and interactive way

You’ll need to pass an initial quiz writing test (which we’ll pay you for) as part of our application process. If you pass our initial test, you will then have to complete a one-week paid trial where you work regular hours. If the trial goes well, we’ll move forward with hiring.

We’re especially interested in hiring candidates with a Master’s degree in English, Creative Writing, or another writing-intensive field.

  • Employer: Confidential | Salary: | Job Type: | Category: | Job source: | Job expires in 21 days or sooner.

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