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Mar 14, 2017
Contract work
Write Professional Bios for a Nonprofit STEM Academy

Company: Confidential – Posted by: Brian – Preferred job location: Anywhere

Short Job summary: A nonprofit STEM academy is looking for an experienced writer to craft professional bios for eight board members as part of completing a 501c3 application. Payment is a project rate or an hourly contract.

Job Description:

We’re a nonprofit STEM academy finalizing our 501c3 application. One of the last things needed is a short (1 paragraph) professional bio for each of our eight board members. We’d like to take this opportunity to also develop a micro (tagline to 1 sentence) and a longer (2-3 paragraphs) bio for each director. These will be used on marketing materials, grant submissions, our “About Us” page, etc.

As a brand we want to connect with our students, parents, volunteers and donors on a personal level. The bios should be engaging and styled accordingly. The copy should focus more on who each director is as a person, what their story is, and what their individual passions and goals are as they relate to our organization. This would be in contrast to a more formal style that emphasizes individual credentials and accolades.

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The bios for each director should be unique in content, but similar in style to those of the other directors. In other words they shouldn’t appear too formulaic, but should present well when displayed together.

We envision a high-level project plan similar to the following:

1. A kick off call to discuss needs, budget, and how best to collaborate
2. Discuss, draft, revise, and finalize the three bio lengths for one director. This will set the style and copy precedent for the others.
3. Collaborate with the remaining directors (via phone or email as is their preference) to draft, revise and finalize their bios



This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

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