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Mar 3, 2017
Freelance Work
WestEast Marketing Ltd. is Hiring a Freelance Editorial Writer

Company: WestEast Marketing Ltd. – Posted by: Brian Scott (Admin) – Preferred job location: Anywhere

WestEast Marketing Ltd. is Hiring a Freelance Editorial Writer

Job Description:

We’re looking for someone who wants more than a “job”; someone who wants to be part of a team, and be able to earn well by using your skills to help us grow our business.

Specifically, we’re looking for an Editorial Writer who can convincingly, clearly and concisely write about financial and political issues, particularly from an international perspective.

You’ll be writing about international topics (“international” defined as being outside the United States or Canada depending on the project) in the following areas:

  • Real Estate
  • Banking
  • International Stocks and Markets
  • Foreign Annuities and Life Insurance
  • International Entities – Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Trusts, Foundations

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  • Precious Metals
  • Retirement Accounts – US: IRAs and 401Ks / Canada: RSPs and TFSAs
  • Foreign Currencies
  • Residencies
  • Alternative Citizenships (and it’s corollary, second passports)
  • Relevant Reporting Requirements – US: FATCA, FBAR / Canada: Global Disclosures
  • General geopolitical and economic conditions

If you read and understand papers like the Wall Street Journal or the Economist, you’ll have no problem with this. And if you’ve got the right style, we’re very happy to train on content.



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