Nov 20, 2017
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Project Female Next is Looking for Freelance Writers

Company: Project Female Next – Posted by: Brian – Preferred job location: Anywhere

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Job expires in 3 days or sooner.

Job Description:

Project Female Next is an open-minded, nonpartisan, media nonprofit organization established to provide a safe space for women and girls to connect, share their experiences and empower one another to overcome social, emotional, physical, and academic difficulties; to promote healthy, responsible behavior that allows them to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Looking for Freelance Writers who are passionate about writing. Beginner writers are encouraged to apply.

Subjects to include: Building confidence, domestic and dating violence, Healthy lifestyles, sexual assault, healthy relationships, careers and leadership, eating disorders, and social and cultural awareness.

Writers will be required to submit at least three (3) pieces per month.


  • Motivated and deadline-driven
  • Committed to creating original and engaging content for the web
  • Possesses strong communication skills
  • Highly proficient at research through authoritative and up-to-date sources
  • Displays exceptional attention to detail
  • Able to think critically about writing “voice” to relate to a target audience
  • Responsive to management through email, text, and phone, in regard to project assignment and deadlines

Please include a resume, short bio, send a list of topics that interest you and sample writings.

  • Employer: Project Female Next | Salary: | Job Type: | Category: | Job source: | Job expires in 3 days or sooner.

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