Nov 3, 2017
Freelance Work is Seeking Freelance Video Game Writers

Company: GameSkinny – Posted by: Jmoore8890 – Preferred job location: Anywhere

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Job expires in 16 days or sooner. is Seeking Freelance Video Game Writers

Job Description:

GameSkinny is looking for driven, knowledgeable freelancers to join our growing team of video game professionals. We are on the prowl for experts that eat, sleep, and drink video games and are as adept with words as they are with blasting newbs in Battlefield 1 or wielding arcane magic in Skyrim.

Our freelance team is at the forefront of the video game world, generating high-quality, high-traffic content in order to inspire and grow our community of readers.

You might be the perfect fit for this paid opportunity if you are:

Experienced — This isn’t your first online publication; you’ve written about eSports; you’ve reviewed a best-selling game; or you’ve written why microtransaction are might, maybe, could be hurting or helping the gaming industry, just to name a few.  You either have your own blog or have contributed to a games publication. You know how to communicate with an editor, gracefully incorporate feedback, and understand how to write with HTML formatting and SEO keywords in mind.

Independent and Motivated — GameSkinny prizes writers who bring savvy research and trend know-how to the table. You know that editors can help guide you, but you are comfortable pitching and delivering researched topics based on forum and Google Trends research.

Knowledgeable — Your primary focus is churning out gaming-related content because you’ve spent countless hours playing and ranking up, throwing mid-lane ults, or combing caves and caverns for precious, precious loot. You know games inside and out and keep up to date on the latest releases and trends.

Professional — You don’t just meet deadlines, you hunt them down. You know how to communicate in a timely and professional manner and know how to keep your cool in the comments section. You see your extremely rare mistakes as nothing more than opportunities to learn so you can further improve your skills.

What You’ll Write:

  • Attention-grabbing discussions about the state of the video game industry and trending topics
  • Useful tips and tricks guides
  • Relatable and accessible “How to” guides and walkthroughs
  • Evergreen content that will outlive the latest patch or update (if you don’t know what evergreen is, this isn’t the gig for you)
  • Highly engaging reviews



  • Employer: GameSkinny | Salary: | Job Type: | Category: | Job source: | Job expires in 16 days or sooner.

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