Nov 24, 2017
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Freelance Writers Needed to Write Product Reviews for

Company: The Wirecutter – Posted by: Brian – Preferred job location: Anywhere

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Job expires in 3 days or sooner.

Freelance Writers Needed to Write Product Reviews for

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Freelance Writers are needed to write for (est. 2011), a product review site (owned by The New York Times) that informs people about the best technology devices and gadgets to buy based on research and testing.

The editors have a handful of positions open for knowledgeable, tech-smart freelance writers; usually they include:

Accessories Writers: review and write comprehensive and comparison reviews on the broad spectrum of gadget accessories, including computer cases, power cables, chargers, car mounts, etc.

Home Automation and Smart Home Writers: full-time seasoned freelance writers are needed to report on smart devices that automate the home, such as self-locking door locks, automatic lights, voice-controlled appliances, etc.

Computer Networking Writers: writers with a strong technology background are needed to write about Wi-Fi and home networking systems for a consumer audience. Writers will discuss how to set-up, configure, and test home-networking devices and connections, including routers, signal boosters, firmware, powerline networking kits, and so on.

Office Furniture/Gear Writer: the freelance writer will help update existing guides and grow the WireCutter’s coverage of office accessories and furniture. The writer will review the best standing desks, mats, and chairs, etc., as well as staplers, file organizers, and desk lamps. A familiarity of ergonomics and a liking for beautiful furniture design is desired.

PC and PC Accessory Writers: the editors need qualified tech-hardware writers and reviewers who specialize in the PC and PC accessory verticals to review PC monitors, memory space, disk storage, keyboards and mice, and notebooks. Writers will personally test each product and write reviews based on their research, testing, and comparison reviews of similar products.

Writers are also needed to cover other verticals such as baby gear, health and fitness, personal finance, etc.

Freelance writers can work remotely from home. These are paid writing positions. Payment is discussed individually with hired writers.

  • Employer: The Wirecutter | Salary: | Job Type: | Category: | Job source: | [ Research the Employer ] | Job expires in 3 days or sooner.

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