Dec 29, 2017
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Freelance Writers Invited to Pitch Stories to

Company: Vox Media Inc. – Posted by: Brian – Preferred job location: Anywhere

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Job expires in 37 days or sooner.

Freelance Writers Invited to Pitch Stories to

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Freelance writers are invited to pitch stories to the editors of The Verge (, one of Vox Media’s popular websites (est. 2011) that discusses how technology and science are transforming the way we live.

Writers can write for The Verge‘s main subsections: tech, science, transportation, and culture.

Stories about fascinating new pathways of research, Silicon Valley’s ventures into health tech, space exploration, climate change, and other topics. The editors especially need high-reaching reporting and feature-length stories that address science and its influences for a general audience without condescending them.

Stories that examine the science, technology, and culture of transportation. The editors want stories about the challenges we face in transportation, as well as emerging technologies–like self-driving cars–and innovations in mass transit.

Stories that explore how popular culture is created and consumed, political movements are organized, and how people interact. Help readers understand why these changes are occurring and what they signify.

Stories that explore the systems and devices that shape their world–like an inside view of a company, a profile of a prominent leader, a probe into hidden labor behind digital worlds, or how technologies are transforming fashions, industries, or our social life.

To land an assignment, familiarize yourself with the website, then formulate a pitch that clearly and concisely imparts the story you plan to write and why it matters. (The ideal pitch should reveal your stages of pre-reporting and a rich knowledge of the topic, as well as an understanding of your story’s angle or unique perspective.)

Compensation: varies based on assignment. The Verge pays competitive rates.

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