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Sep 27, 2017
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Freelance Transcription and Proofreading Jobs with Babbletype

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Freelance Transcription and Proofreading Jobs with Babbletype

Job Description:

Babbletype, a leading transcription services company, regularly outsources work to freelance proofreaders, transcribers, and translators. Originally formed in 1994 under the name MRT Services, the company transitioned to new owners and changed the name to Babbletype in 2009. The company transcribes research data, lectures, speeches, interviews, teleconferences, and similar audio recordings (in English or other languages) into professional transcripts in English.

The company recruits freelancers for three roles: 1) English Language Transcribers, which pays $0.40-$0.60 audio minute; 2) English Proofreaders, which pays $0.13-$ 0.18/audio minute; and 3) Translators (into English), which pays up to $1.60/audio minute.

Transcribers listen to an audio recording of people speaking and convert it into written transcripts. Typically recordings include single speakers, one-on-one interviews, and  group sessions with several people conversing. Subject matter varies, from consumer to business, technical, clinical, pharmaceutical, etc. But most work is “general” transcription, in contrast to medical, legal or other “technical-speak” varieties of transcription.

Translators listen to audio recordings in one language, and then translate them directly into a written transcript in English. Most translation assignments are from a non-English language into English.

Proofreaders ensure content is accurate against the audio recording, and all meaningful content is included. Job duties also includes improving “unclear” sections of content as well as removing any obvious errors of typing, spelling, punctuation or grammar.

Candidates must have a reliable computer, headphones, a good Internet connection, and scheduled hours of solitude each day to perform the work.

Babbletype only partners with native English speaking service providers.

Candidates work from home and can choose assignments anytime up to 4 pm (EST) each day.

This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

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