Jan 17, 2018
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Casual Fans is Seeking a Freelance Writer for a Research Report

Company: Casual Fans – Posted by: Brian – Preferred job location: Anywhere

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Job expires in 4 hours or sooner.

Casual Fans is Seeking a Freelance Writer for a Research Report

Job Description:

Casual Fans seeks a freelance writer to help craft a 12-15 page research report about a fast-growing winter Olympics sport, using our proprietary data set and other inputs.

We are developing a comprehensive report on casual fandom for a NGB (National Governing Body) of a fairly well-known winter sport. We’ve produce a large, complex data set on the attitudes of fans and non-fans to various aspects of the sport, such as awareness, perceptions, and willingness to try. We also have data on attitudes towards and participation in other sports.

The assignment is to work with the Casual Fans team to translate this dataset into:

  1. A narrative/report out about the sport’s current fanbase.
  2. Insights on current opportunities and challenges.
  3. Recommendations on specific tactical programs.
  4. Compelling visuals and charts that support the main theses (with design assistance. We are looking for guidance on visuals, not visual creation).
  5. A tight, informative “executive summary” that provides a readable insight into the main document.

The ideal candidate:

  1. Is a strong writer, with a track record of delivering high-quality written materials.
  2. Has an eye for “the big picture,” and can write a compelling and succinct high-level view, as well as diving into the weedy details.
  3. Is comfortable working with data, and incorporating data-based visuals into a narrative flow.
  4. Has experience working with a team to articulate their creative vision.
  5. Is familiar with current digital marketing, social media marketing and audience growth practices (part of the assignment will be to communicate the CEO’s vision on.

Time estimate: 50 hours

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