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About Online-Writing-Jobs.com, a job site for freelance writers

Online-Writing-Jobs.com (est. 2006) is a free job site where freelance writers can find paying writing jobs in a variety of specialties: content writing, blogging, copywriting, technical writing, magazine writing, and so on.

Brian Scott, the founder, researches and handpicks quality jobs from various job aggregators, large and small job boards, career sites, recruiters, companies, staffing agencies…he has a growing list of reputable services and sites that he taps into.

Scott updates the site each weekday, Monday through Friday. Job seekers can witness him posting new jobs in real-time during the early morning and afternoon by visiting the site or following his Twitter feed (#WritingJobsGigs).

On average, the site compiles 10-15 new jobs each weekday. Each job, unless filled, expires in 30 days or sooner.

Besides publishing a fresh list of jobs each day, writers can use the site’s category pages or search box to find jobs that match their interests, specialties, and/or work-type. For instance, writers can search for jobs by topic area, salary, source, specialty, contract-type, etc. These in-built features help writers minimize time in locating jobs most promising to them.

Online-Writing-Jobs company page is available at LinkedIn.

A Message From Brian Scott…

It’s hard to believe I launched Online-Writing-Jobs.com in November 2006.

Online-Writing-Jobs.com debuted in 2006.

I had to yank the above screenshot—dated Nov. 2006—from Archive.org’s Wayback Machine. That’s what this website looked like a decade ago using more simple technology.

Over the years I updated and upgraded the site to meet the needs of freelance writers who specialized in an area.

Online-Writing-Jobs.com in 2012

The above screenshot—dated Jan. 2012—from Archive.org’s Wayback Machine shows an evolved version that I created and programmed to categorize jobs according to specialty–like blogging, copywriting, proofreading, etc. This allowed writers to go directly to more specific jobs.

In early 2013 I closed down Online-Writing-Jobs and folded it into the job section of my main website, FreelanceWriting.com (est. 1996) as a way to manage my time more wisely. Instead of running and moderating two job sites, I could focus exclusively on running FreelanceWriting.com and making it an even better website for writers.

Online-Writing-Jobs.com and FreelanceWriting.com

The above screenshot—dated Mar. 2016—from Archive.org’s Wayback Machine shows how I had converted Online-Writing-Jobs.com into the job section at FreelanceWriting.com in 2013. Although simple in appearance, I used updated technology that allowed writers to find jobs according to specialty, job source, date, or title/keyword search without jumping to another webpage to glean the information.

In early 2016 I sold FreelanceWriting.com to a technology company and resigned my duties as Editor-in-Chief and webmaster. The company has since redesigned FreelanceWriting.com.

I relaunched Online-Writing-Jobs.com in May 2016 as a standalone website again and built it on a WordPress platform using even better technology. It was a relief not having to waste infinite hours hard-coding the website like I did in the past.

To think that I devoted a decade on a “labor of love” project is amazing to me. But I enjoy helping writers find freelance work. As a freelancer myself who launched a full-time career in 1996, I know the struggles, the frustration, and the hardships trying to earn a decent living as an independent writer, whether working part-time, full-time, or for extra cash. If I can help a fellow freelancer find his or her next paying job, then all of this time I commit to running this website is well worth it.

I hope to continue Online-Writing-Jobs.com for another decade and beyond. And as always, thanks for your support.

Brian Scott

(I welcome you to visit my other websites for writers: ReadabilityFormulas.com, StyleWriter-USA.com, LousyWriter.com, and WritingCareer.com)

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