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Online staffing agencies offer a steady stream of freelance writing jobs for both creative writers and commercial copywriters. Many writers don’t apply for freelance gigs via a staffing agency because they don’t understand the process, or they never knew staffing agencies offered jobs that precisely match their skill-sets and talents. In my opinion, staffing agencies are better than looking for one-time projects at or responding to job ads at, or

In this article I review and point you to the best creative staffing agencies that many freelance writers and copywriters use regularly to find stable work or additional writing projects. These staffing agencies also recruit other types of freelancers, such as graphic designers, photographers, and website developers.

Benefits of using a staffing agency for freelance writing jobs

Benefits of using a staffing agency for freelance writing jobs…

A staffing agency works on behalf of an employer to find and hire specially-skilled writers for upcoming projects. Many employers — especially ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and media companies — rely on staffing agencies to handle the recruitment process and manage the employment of hundreds of freelancers. Because many employers may have temp. work that lasts a few days to a few months, they don’t need to hire part-time or full-time staff employees, nor do they want to waste unnecessary time and money to recruit and manage their own pool of freelancers. Instead, employers hire a staffing agency.

All staffing agencies actively recruit freelance writers to grow and improve their pool of freelance talent. The best staffing agencies that get repeat business are the ones that have the best-skilled, widely-diverse pool of talented freelancers who can meet and exceed employers’ expectations.

When you work for a staffing agency, you will enjoy these benefits:

1. Competitive pay rates that are often above market rates. The average rate for an entry level copywriter is $25/hour. A copywriter with 4-plus years of experience can expect hourly rates as high as $65 an hour. You will NEVER work for clients that pay you $10 an article or $8 an hour.

2. Reputable, financially-stable employers. You will never work on a project that lacks funds or an employer who has a “limited” budget. Most employers who use staffing agencies do so because they have large budgets and they are profitable businesses.

3. No marketing on your part. The staffing agency does the hard work of finding you freelance work and matching you up with any available projects based on your experience and skill-set.

4. You get paid on time. Because the staffing agency pays you directly, you never have to worry about the employer paying you late or not paying you at all.

5. No expensive fees. You never have to pay a membership fee or a yearly fee to sign up with a staffing agency.

Staffing Agency: The True Talent Group

Staffing Agency: The True Talent Group

True Talent Group is a privately-operated woman-owned creative staffing agency founded in 2008. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, True Talent assists all types of businesses choose the most suitable marketing, artistic and dynamic talent in graphic design, copywriting, and marketing. Although the agency’s recruiters post open jobs at its website, I often find the newest jobs through

A few recent freelance jobs offered by True Talent have included: 1) writing articles on finance, 401K, risk management, and wealth management; 2) writing product launch materials, magazine ads, direct mail pieces, and marketing materials; 3) working on PowerPoint presentations and writing teaching-aid materials.

You can sign up as a freelance copywriter with True Talent by submitting its online application form. The agency is most likely to outsource temp. work to you if you are local, even though some gigs are strictly off-site projects. Jobs can span from a couple of hours to a couple of days per client. [ You can sign up here ]

Staffing Agency: FILTER, LLC.

Staffing Agency: FILTER, LLC.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA with offices spread across the U.S., Filter manages one of the biggest networks of creative talent. The Agency’s clients include leading international consumer and technology companies, as well as traditional and digital ad agencies and media marketing firms. Filter has main offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Filter offers project-based, contract, and temp. work for freelance copywriters, communications writers, copy editors, and tech writers.

Recent jobs have included 1) writing technical materials on maps and geography; 2) copy editing e-commerce sites; 3) researching and writing product information for merchandise; 4) writing copy for digital, intranet, and executive blogs; and 5) writing content for newsletters, brochures, and presentations. You can browse open jobs at

To become eligible for future jobs that match your skills and interests, you will need to upload a resume and portfolio.

Once approved, you will be considered for project-based work. Filter will continually review new and upcoming jobs that match your skills and availability. The Agency also offers full-time benefits (insurance, 401K, etc.), even though you work as a freelancer.



Writing Assistance, Inc. (WAI) matches freelance talent with regional and national business that need assistance on current and upcoming projects. Launched in 1991, WAI offers freelance jobs for copywriters, technical writers, medical writers, and editors.

You can browse the agency’s job site at and apply to a job; otherwise, the Agency encourages freelancers to submit their resumes for future jobs.

WAI will evaluate your background, skills, work experience, and specialties and match you with professional clients who need your talents and skills. Most freelance jobs are off-site, not on-site, allowing you to work from home or remotely. WAI manages all billing and invoicing, making sure you get paid fair rates and on time.

Staffing Agency: CREATIVE CIRCLE

Staffing Agency: CREATIVE CIRCLE

Creative Circle is a creative staffing agency that specializes in providing companies with freelance talent in copywriting, graphic design, web design, and other creative disciplines on a contract, part-time or full-time basis. Since 2000, the Agency has provided staffing services for ad agencies, businesses, and organizations that need creative talent to assist with creative projects.

A few of the common freelance writing projects that Creative Circle may hire you to work on may include:

  • writing direct mail copy for B2B and B2C clients;
  • scriptwriting for corporate videos;
  • proofreading direct mail, websites, presentations, and ads;
    writing articles for financial/insurance websites;
  • working on creative storyboards and writing product descriptions as part of a brochure and media kit.

Creative Circle is headquartered in E. Providence, R.I., and has partners residing in Florida, Texas, N. Carolina, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Massachusetts.

You can browse through available freelance jobs at its website at

To sign up with Creative Circle, go to and complete the online application. You will also need to upload a resume. An agent will evaluate the quality of your skills and portfolio and determine if you qualify for the kind of work and employers that the Agency represents.



The Creative Group focuses on finding freelance employment for highly-skilled creative professionals, such as copywriters, graphic designers and public relations pros. The Agency’s staffing supervisors generally have former expertise in the creative services industry, which enables them to grasp their clients’ demands as well as find suitable jobs for their freelancers. Located in Menlo Park, California, the Agency has ancillary offices in principal sectors throughout the United States and in Canada.

When you sign up with The Creative Group, you can connect to a broad range of freelance projects offered by multi-dimensional clients that include ad agencies, media firms, corporations, retailers, and publishers.

A few of the most recent jobs that The Creative Group hired freelance writers for included:

  • writing ads, collateral, web content, and internal and external communications for a pharmaceutical company;
  • writing product descriptions, signage, how-to manuals and product copy for a larger retailer;
  • medical copyediting and clinical editing to develop program content;
  • writing content for direct mail, on-package promotions, e-mail blasts and banner campaigns for a large broadcast media company;
  • writing banner ads, landing pages and marketing promotions for a fashion retailer.

In addition to matching you with available work, The Creative Group also offers professional career guidance, portfolio assessments, training sessions, and a versatile staff committed to landing you high-paying projects.

To get started, register online and upload your resume at You will be required to create your portfolio once you are registered and are approved.

You can search for current freelance writing and editing jobs at

Staffing Agency: AQUENT STAFFING

Staffing Agency: AQUENT STAFFING

Aquent is a global creative staffing provider committed to hiring skilled freelance talent for Fortune 1000 companies. The world’s most recognized corporations and ad agencies use Aquent to find superior freelance talent for top-of-the-line projects. Aquent’s staff commits themselves to creating person-to-person connections between freelance talent and clients.

The Agency’s all-new branch division, Vitamin T, now supplies mid-sized companies and advertising agencies with speedier, simpler availability to in-demand creative talent in the fields of copywriting, editing, public relations, SEO writing, etc.

Since it is often difficult for freelance writers to land freelance jobs with large corporations and well-known organizations, Aquent assists you in matching you skill-set with its clientele. Since 1986, Aquent has matched talent with attractive jobs at Global 1000 brands.

Aquent has hired freelance writers for the following freelance jobs in the past:

  • writing and developing product brochures in the Insurance industry;
  • writing copy for B2B brochures for Financial Services Products;
  • conceptualizing and writing innovative copy for direct response and digital communications;
  • writing and editing technical documentation such as product user guides, operational guides, installation and commissioning guides;
  • writing compelling online content (e.g., product pages, banners, SEO descriptions, articles and related content).

The best way to sign up with Aquent is first to browse its free online job listings at to find available work. Each job listings has an “Apply” button. When you find a job suitable for you, apply to it and this will begin the sign-up process.



As a smaller but specialized division of global staffing agency Aquent, Inc., Vitamin T is a niche staffing agency focusing entirely on the creative field. Vitamin T matches freelance copywriters, designers, and developers with mainly ad agencies mid-sized digital design companies.

You can browse the Agency’s current freelance jobs for writers at Vitamin T offers both onsite and offsite jobs.

Recent freelance jobs have included:

  • writing a series of ebooks for an enterprise mobility readership;
  • writing financial and banking materials;
  • writing business proposals; writing creative copy for print and digital media;
  • writing website and brochure copy for a business; and
  • writing marketing materials for retail clients.

Vitamin T has agencies spread across the United States. You can find contact info. for each location at its website and contact a recruiter to sign up for future freelance jobs.

Staffing Agency: 24SEVEN TALENT

Staffing Agency: 24SEVEN TALENT

24 Seven, Inc. is a creative staffing agency for freelancers. Since its debut in 2000, the Agency has become the premier talent agency for the world’s top companies in fashion, technology, marketing, and creative, and retail. The Agency has an impressive track record of matching qualified freelancers with high-paying gigs at some of the world’s leading companies and the biggest brands in the United States.

This year 24 Seven proclaimed that working as a freelancer in today’s economy is evolving into a more enticing career choice. With a better work-life counterbalance, nearly 50% of part-time and full-time freelancers appreciate the independence and mobility the life-style provides. As a matter of fact, the more time you freelance, the less prone you are to tolerate conventional careers.

24 Seven has hired freelance writers to:

  • Create and edit copy for a toy company;
  • develop and write branding and marketing materials to sell TV programming across all media;
  • write digital headlines, e-mails, features, banners and other e-commerce assets;
  • write catalogs, press releases, newspaper advertising, international magazine advertorials and collateral;
  • writing about fashion trends, ideas, styles in a manner consistent with both English and Spanish cultures.

You can browse open freelance jobs at

To sign up as a new freelancer, browse the available job openings. On each job position, you will find a button labeled “Register Today.” Click on the button and you can register.

Staffing Agency: THE BOSS Group

Staffing Agency: THE BOSS Group

The BOSS Group is a popular creative staffing agency for digital, creative and advertising specialists. The Agency has been matching short-term, freelance, and temp-to-hire specialists with well-known companies and organizations throughout all industries for over 20 years.

According to The BOSS Group, the majority of creative individuals embrace freelance or short-term job assignments. The career cultures of this group vary: in connection with creative individuals (writers, copywriters, designers, etc.), approx. 15% partner with one staffing agency, 20% partner with numerous staffing agencies, and 18% work for themselves as freelancers.

The BOSS Group has hired freelance copywriters and proofreaders for:

  • creating and writing high quality concepts and collateral, as well as advertisements and other communications across media forums;
  • proofreading print and interactive materials, including websites, manuals, ads, advertorials, and e-commerce product descriptions;
  • writing instructional design courses for K-12 education.

You can sign up with the Agency at Upon approval, a recruiter from the Agency will assess your skills and match you to a variety of freelance jobs with high-profile clients.

You can also browse all open freelance writing and editing jobs at



Artisan is a highly-regarded staffing agency for creative copywriters, graphic designers, and marketing professionals. Located in California, Artisan offers businesses with the best talent to carry out creative assignments. The Agency also supplies freelancers with plenty of job openings to work for a range of clients in many job roles across the United States.

A few recent freelance jobs that Artisan found freelance copywriters for included:

  • writing copy for burst page advertising, rollovers, landing webpages, calendar of events and other advertising copy;
  • writing copy for a car insurance client’s B2B eServices site;
  • applying brand voice to print and digital communications and creating brand awareness;
  • writing press releases for a retail client in the home decoration field.

The Agency’s founders know the best ways to promptly and successfully supply companies with the ideal creative talent to meet and exceed all goals. To sign up with Artisan as a freelancer, simply complete its online application and upload a resume at You can all browse open freelance jobs at the same website address.

Staffing Agency: ONWARD SEARCH

Onward Search is a leading staffing agency for creative and marketing talent. The Agency unites the most skilled artistic, interactive, Web marketing, and technology experts in the United States with leading ad agencies, media firms, and progressive companies.

Onward Search offers freelance gigs for creative writers, copywriters, and SEO specialists. According to Onward Search, copywriting jobs vary from entry level writers to skilled web content practitioners and the niche keeps evolving as blogging and social media become more popular. Regardless if you are just starting your vocation or you are an experienced copywriter, Onward Search can pair your talents to freelance job opportunities that meet your expertise and goals.

A few freelance jobs that Onward Search provides:

  • writing content for an end-user health and wellness website;
    writing and creating website content on a retail client’s internet properties;
  • writing and conceptualizing copy for online and interactive print properties;
  • editing medical and everyday consumer web and print content;
  • editing and writing content for web pages.

You can search for freelance job openings at

To sign up with Onward Search, complete the online application. You will need to provide a resume and portfolio.

Staffing Agency: The WunderLand Group

Staffing Agency: The WunderLand Group

The WunderLand Group enlists freelance talent for jobs in print, digital and mobile design and development, SEO writing and copywriting, marketing and branding, and graphic design. The 1st annual Moxie Awards voted WunderLand as the “Best Service Provider” to the tech sector this year. Their recruiters have hired thousands of professionals for a broad array of leading companies, organizations, and boutique agencies.

A few of the most common freelance writing jobs included:

  • writing marketing materials for a large university;
  • writing headlines for emails and ad modules placed on affiliate sites;
  • writing and editing articles for a magazine publisher.

To view all open freelance job positions, go to

To register with WunderLand, simply click on “Register with us” at the top of the job listings page.



Paladin Staffing is a professional staffing and recruitment agency devoted to finding freelance and direct-hire jobs for creative individuals in marketing, graphic design and social media professions. The staff has substantial experience and exposure all over the country, enabling them to offer services to many of clients throughout all popular industries, corporations, agencies, and organizations. The Agency has 20 years of experience in locating and hiring skilled copywriters and creative professionals, and matching them with diverse clients.

Here are a few common freelance writing jobs that Paladin offered:

  • writing and editing print and website copy for an oil & gas company;
  • writing web copy and online marketing materials for a financial institution;
  • writing SEO content and optimizing web pages for a financial services business;
  • writing HR internal communications; and
  • proofreading a wide variety of print and online material.

To register with Paladin or to browse jobs, go to and click on the “Register” button. Complete the online application and attach a resume.

Staffing Agency: RAZORFISH

Staffing Agency: RAZORFISH

Razorfish is among the world’s fastest evolving digital staffing agencies (24,000 + employees worldwide), and the top-ranked digital agency. Razorfish helps its clients develop superior brands by producing industry results through targeted customer experiences. Razorfish blends the best freelance talent with leading companies and businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

A few common freelance jobs that Razorfish offered:

  • writing ad copy, website content, and email messages;
    writing and editing copy for advertisements emails, sales copy, and digital media;
  • writing SEO content;
  • developing editorial tone, style, and voice of all print and digital content.

Razorfish belongs to Publicis, an investment company with $60 billion dollars of managed media. To sign up with Razorfish, visit and click on “Careers” at the top of the webpage.

Staffing Agency: ManpowerGroup

Staffing Agency: ManpowerGroup

ManpowerGroup (est. 1968) is a global human resources staffing agency that offers temporary, temp-to-perm, and permanent job placement in small and large businesses and multinational companies. Manpower has close to 4,000 offices (worldwide) and manages about 40,000 service-skilled professionals who they’ve recruited to meet the needs of its 400,000 clients.

Manpower offers staffing services for writers with technical, scientific and industry backgrounds. Most of the temporary staffing jobs that I find are for technical writing, usually onsite at the client’s place of business. Since Manpower has agencies in nearly all states, you can find one local to you. Staff recruiters will place you with local clients who need temp. writers (usually with specialized skills) to work on special projects.

You can sift through current temp. jobs at You can also use its “Branch Locator” (at the top of the page) to find a local agent in your area.

To sign up with Manpower, complete the online application at to provide their recruiters with a background of your skills, work history, education, and the kind of jobs that you are seeking.

Manpower will handle the employment process and represent you when they match your skills and experience with a local client who needs assistance. Staffing services are free to you.

Staffing Agency: ACCESS STAFFING

Staffing Agency: ACCESS STAFFING

Access Staffing offers contract and temp. staffing services for freelancers of various disciplines, including writers who specialize in copywriting, proofreading, copy editing, or writing in general. Established in 1986, Access Staffing is the biggest independently-owned staffing agency in the tri-state area. It serves more than 600 clients in the New York city area and manages over 5,000 job candidates.

Clients include start-ups, small businesses, corporations, entertainment companies, marketing firms, and ad agencies.

Management will match your skills and background with available or upcoming contract/freelance job openings in the New York area. You can sign up at

To browse available jobs, visit the company’s job database.



Clearpoint Creative is a privately-owned staffing agency that serves the Houston, Texas area, matching creative talent with open freelance and onsite contract positions at top companies and businesses.

You can browse through current jobs at

The best freelance jobs usually don’t make it to the job board because the agency’s recruiters match their existing freelancers with immediate jobs. Most freelance, temp. jobs that come in need immediate assistance on projects. It’s best to sign up as a new freelancer and submit your resume to be eligible for new jobs.

When Clearpoint matches your skills and your interests with a client, they will negotiate a competitive salary on your half. All freelancers are eligible for benefits, such as medical insurance, profit sharing, and a 401(k) plan after working a certain amount of hours.

Many jobs for writers including freelance copywriting work, such as:

  • writing marketing materials for websites;
  • drafting press releases and PowerPoint presentations;
  • writing editorial content for email marketing campaigns; and
  • writing articles for online magazines and websites.

Staffing Agency: JBCconnect

Staffing Agency: JBCconnect

Founded in 2011, JBCconnect is a full service creative agency, matching freelancers with top companies, businesses, ad agencies, and PR firms in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, and Seattle. JBCconnect specializes in representing creative talent in the advertising, marketing, and public relations sectors.

You can browse through current contract and freelance jobs at

Again, most immediate or current jobs don’t make it to the job section because freelancers are matched right away with clients. To get started, sign up at

Common freelance jobs include writing for websites, writing marketing materials, working on PR campaigns, special copywriting assignments, and so on.

JBCconnect also rewards “referral fees” to freelancers who refer candidates to them. You receive $250 if the candidate gets hired by a client after 30 days.

Staffing Agency: i creatives

Staffing Agency: i creatives

i creatives (founded in 1985) is a privately-held nationwide staffing agency that matches the best creative talents with contract, temp., or full-time jobs at ad agencies and marketing / design firms, and art departments. For writers, the Agency offers off-site and on-site work for copywriters.

To be eligible for contract/freelance work, you should have three or more years of experience in your field. To get started, visit and complete the online candidate application. You will be asked to submit a resume and samples of work. Once approved, you will be eligible for immediate, future, or ongoing contract work.

About Freelance Writing Jobs at Staffing Agencies

About Freelance Writing Jobs at Staffing Agencies

Most staffing agencies do not post their open freelance positions on popular job sites like,, or; and many new job openings never make it onto the agency’s own job board. When a staffing agency receives a request from a client to hire a freelancer, the agency taps directly into its own pool of freelance talent and matches the skill-sets of the freelancer with what the client is looking for. This is why it is essential to submit your resume and portfolio first to the staffing agency, and not to rely on the agency’s own job board.

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