Freelance Sports Writing as a Part-Time or Full-Time Job

Sports writing is one of the most favorite and enjoyable writing jobs that excite many freelance writers. Reporting on your favorite teams, the astonishing triumphs and defeats, and the overall electrifying atmosphere are all immortalized by the writer for the delight and fulfillment of the readers. As with most forms of writing, sports writing has its own challenges if you have no clue how to begin.

Skills of a Sports Writer

You may be knowledgeable about sports because you are a fan of many teams, but not every fan has the skills to write engaging articles. Sports writing demands sharp writing skills. You need to know how to transform a live event into a story that lets readers experience the sporting event with you. You should also know the history and trivia about sports teams to add more depth and interest to your articles. Your level of skills and knowledge will either make it easy or difficult to land your first writing assignment.

In general, aspiring sports writers report on games, tournaments, and sporting events. They tailgate the careers of players. They compose profiles and historical achievements of the players. The benefit of freelancing is that you will have the privilege to cover what sporting event most interests you, to write about what you want, and to pick the sport, season or event to cover.

Finding Sports Writing Jobs

Sports writing jobs are everywhere, in all media: newspapers, magazines, websites, and broadcast media. Media conglomerates like ESPN, NBC, FOX, and CBS hire sports writers year round, but you need a high level of experience before you apply to one of their jobs.

To develop your skills and sports background to a professional level, apply to freelance gigs at Upwork.comĀ or At these job sites you can find projects writing about sports, sports teams, team players, and upcoming sporting events. Your local newspaper will also have freelance opportunities to cover local sporting events. Just contact the editor. Another idea is to research popular sports websites and contact the editors for information about writing for them. Sometimes these websites post “writer’s guidelines” that outline what the editors want and how much they pay.

Your main goal is to amass as many published writing clips as you can so you can create an impressive portfolio of published works and apply to higher paying jobs. Persistence and patience are key to achieve success in the long-term. Common sense will tell you that you will gradually climb your way to more promising jobs.

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Common Pay Rates for Sports Writing

Pay rates are on a sliding scale based on level of experience, whom you write for, the type of publication or website, and what you are writing. Aspiring sports writers writing for a regional or local publication can earn up to $150 per feature article. Writing SEO articles for individuals and entrepreneurs pay around $30-$50 an article. Sports writing pros with more than a decade of experience command solid salaries, which amount to $40 – $75 per hour, including compensation for travel, tickets and meals.

How to Respond to a Job Ad

Because sports writing is a specialty, requiring special skills and knowledge, don’t expect to command high rates as a beginner. Until you have clips to prove your skills, you must show prospective clients that your existing skills and enthusiasm make you the best writer for the job.

How can you convince a prospective client to hire you? Let’s work through a sample job ad to see how we should reply.

We are about to launch a new sports website to cover baseball, basketball, and football events in California. We need writers to cover professional, high school, and college sports news and events. If you’re self-assertive, knowledgeable about sports and statistics, an excellent writer, and an extreme California sports fan, then we would like to hear from you. Please contact us with your experience. Pay rates will be discussed prior to starting any assignments.

You can respond to this job ad like this:Figuring out what the employer needs at this moment will help you to address his concerns. The job ad reveals what type of writer he/she needs. For instance, you must know about sports teams and events in California and know how to cover topics related to baseball, basketball, and football. The general mood of the ad reveals that you should be enthusiastic and lively as well as competent to express opinions that will involve individuals in debate.

Hello ____,

I think it’s fantastic you’re starting a new sports website– it’s exactly what California needs! I am a passionate sports writer with statistical, historical and trivial knowledge about sports teams and upcoming events in California (go Lakers!).

For a new website, I understand the importance of having writers help generate website traffic. My articles are engaging, lively, and stimulating. I also enjoy covering controversial topics to stir interest and discussions with readers. I feel my blend of experience, knowledge, and passion of sports would be a huge advantage to you and your readers.

I have attached a few clips of my previously published articles and blog posts on sports writing. Thanks for your time. I look forward to working with you.

Your Name

Writing a reply is simple and direct when you understand what the prospective client wants. Make every reply succinct and persuasive, and you will increase your chances of landing the job.

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