Freelance Blogging as a Part-Time or Full-Time Job

Blogging is a continually expanding profession that offers lots of freelance possibilities. However, be careful about what clients want you to blog and how much they are willing to pay you. Many aspiring freelance bloggers end up working full-time for part-time pay or working part-time for little pay.

If you’re planning to offer blogging services, don’t agree to write a 500-word post for under $8. Just because you are new to blogging doesn’t mean you can’t write an interesting blog post. You already have existing skills that you can bring to blogging, such as writing on niche topics and engaging readers with compelling headlines.

If you do possess skills and expertise, or if you already have steady blogging gigs with a financially-sound company, then don’t shy away from increasing your rates. Prolific bloggers command pay rates between $50 – $150 per post, depending on the client and topic. Other factors may influence the pay rate such as the length of the post, if you need to research the topic or interview people, and if you need to include images. In unusual cases, bloggers can receive a percent of the company’s profits during a particular media campaign.

The Job Functions of a Freelance Blogger

At first glance, blogging resembles basic article or SEO writing. The objectives that define “blogging” are more refined. Businesses use blogs to communicate informative and sometimes persuasive messages to increase the overall traffic to their websites. The advantages of increasing traffic translates into:

  1. More customers who will buy the company’s products or services or register for more information.
  2. More people who will click on the company’s advertising which will steer users to a specific product, service or piece of information.

It may look simple, but the above two objectives foreshadow the demand and skill to write blog posts that embrace and address a company’s target audience. Well-paid bloggers are experienced writers who can produce meaningful subject matter that builds a devoted readership and markets the company effortlessly and continuously.

Finding Freelance Blogging Jobs

In the past it was challenging to identify companies and individuals who hired freelance writers to compose a series of blog posts or to blog regularly. Today you can spot many freelance, part-time and full-time jobs for bloggers. Many businesses in different industries hire bloggers: realtors, public speakers, book authors, ad agencies, auto mechanics, organic food stores, physicians, restaurants…just about anyone in any industry.

Remote, telecommute and freelance blogging jobs are abundant, regardless of the time of year. Check out popular job sites like and You can also sign up for free with an crowdsourcing marketplace like and

A problem arises with the abundance of blogging jobs: you’ll need to sort through many blogging jobs to identify premium “legitimate” jobs. Don’t take on jobs that pay $3 per post. Forget about jobs that require you to write 15 blogs daily, either– in some way these individuals believe the more work they give you, the less they can pay you. Does it make sense to do more for less pay? Applying to these types of blogging jobs will form a wrong image of you–that you are unprofessional and not serious about the work you do.

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The Skill-Sets of a Freelance Blogger

To earn above average pay rates for blogging, clients expect you to have experience. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to improve and/or acquire blogging skills. You can score a handful of the lower-paying blogging jobs to prove your worth, or you can launch your own blog to showcase your blogging skills.

If you decide to launch your own blog, fill it with posts that you know will enthuse and engage a potential client. If you post lackluster subject matter with grammar gaffes, no business or individual will choose to employ you. Demonstrate your sharp skills and hard work ethic by writing content that spurs traffic to your blog; by doing this, you can prove to clients how skilled and clever you are at producing what individuals desire to read.

How should you reply to a job ad?

Let’s believe you stumbled upon a job ad that says this:

I am a professional travel broker in the U.S. searching for a blogger. I need a person with knowledge to write captivating posts that relate to my business–you can choose your own topics but they must relate to my industry. I need two posts a day.

To construct the most effective reply, observe these four tips:

1. Briefly explain why you are knowledgeable in this area and show that you are greatly interested in this job.

2. Reveal how your posts–or a series of posts–will generate traffic to his blog.

3. Recommend a few topics to prove you understand what the job poster wants.

4. Provide links to your very best and relevant blog posts.

Using the ad as a model, you should:

1. Introduce yourself and show enthusiasm in both the job and the travel profession in general.

2. You can say, “I will customize my posts with targeted keywords to increase your visibility online and drive prospective customers to your business.”

3. Propose topics such as “Where to Stay in Spain for Under $100 a Day” or “The Top 10 Best Evening Shows in Reno.”

4. Provide links to your best published posts, especially posts connected to the industry.

Follow these tips and you’ll receive your first paid blogging gig before you know it!

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