Finding Freelance Writing Gigs in Unusual Places

“For many freelance writers, work doesn’t just fall into their laps. They have to go out and find it on their own…”
Being a freelance writer isn’t as glamorous as some people think. Sure, you can work when you want. Plus you get to stay home and work. The work/life balance is in harmony. Also when life calls, you can answer. But being a freelance writer requires you to hustle 85% of the time.

For many freelance writers, work doesn’t just fall into their laps. They have to go out and find it on their own. Many sites where freelancers go to find work are overcrowded. Some sites even make you bid for the job and the lowest bidder usually scores the gig. Luckily, though, there are places online that you can find work that is not overcrowded.

Many places on this list of unusual places to find freelance writing gigs are common places. Some of you will probably slap yourself wondering why you didn’t think to look there for a job in the first place.

5 Uncommon Job Boards for Writers

For many freelance writers, the first places they go to look for work are job boards. You will find many online job boards seeking freelance writers. Here is a list of the top five uncommon job boards that you can look for work that won’t be nearly as competitive as the other sites.

Freelance work at Constant-Content


When trying to land work with Constant-Content you are writing the post/article first and then putting it out for someone to buy. Granted you have to write very specific articles that people in the niche will buy. Once you have someone buying your articles, you can reach out and introduce yourself and make a more solid partnership with them. [ Visit Website ]

Freelance work at

4) is hosted by Writer’s Digest. The site costs $5.99 a month to join, but you get everything you could ever need. If you are looking for a literary agent, you will find tons of them listed. If all you want to do is write for contests you will find that too and more. is a great place to search and find work that no one else knows about. Want to write for a particular magazine, will have the contact information you need to get your article and story into the right hands. [ Visit Website ]

Freelance work at AllIndieWriters


Sometimes being an outsider is a good thing, especially with This site is a little hidden from most radars because the content isn’t consistent. But when there is a spurt of work, it is usually very high paying gigs of $100 or more and well worth looking into as an odd place to find some work. [ Visit Website ]

Freelance work at


You can find a lot of work on In fact, one site, in particular, searches on a daily basis and presents you with all the ads for freelance writers from all over the United States. Using to search Craigslist ads is a major time saver. Plus, you can also write for with either a guest post or a paid article. The cost for signing up to is $5 a month. [ Visit Website ]

Freelance work at


Manta isn’t really a job board. It is a site that allows businesses to get a little exposure. The thing is, though, when you look through Manta you can quickly get a list of 5 to 10 businesses that have blogs that need to be updated. That is when you “cold pitch” to them about your services and how you can help their company stay fresh and up to date. [ Visit Website ]

When Your Niche Comes in Handy

Job boards are a great way to start looking for work when you are new to freelance writing. What if you happen to be a seasoned pro? Looking for work on job boards seems kind of beneath you, right? If you happen to have some experience as a B2B (Business to Business) writer, you should check out jobs at is all about B2B and many of their gigs start at over $200. [ Visit Website ] is pretty awesome for copywriting

Say you don’t have a clue about B2B writing but you are great with copywriting. Believe it or not, is pretty awesome for copywriting. The fact that you can set your own price makes a world of difference. is also great for those with a talent for website/graphic design. The important thing with is not to sell yourself short. The site may be based around gigs that start at $5, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t price gigs higher. When looking through you will be surprised to find some people charging $50 and higher for work. [ Visit Website ]

6 Unusual Ways to Find Work

6 Unusual Ways to Find Work

Job boards aside, there is a whole world out there waiting for you and needs someone just like you. A great way to get noticed is to think outside the box and do things other writers aren’t doing. Here are 6 tips to help you think outside the box and land more gigs.

6) Signature

Many writers have a signature at the bottom of their emails. That signature will state the obvious to anyone they email, be it friends, family, co-workers. If you go out of your way to write to companies just to tell them what a great product you bought from them it could help open doors for you.

Case in point: say you bought a toy for someone and loved their customer service. Many customer service people don’t get “nice” letters. So when you write them a letter saying how great the product was, they will see your signature at the bottom of your letter. You don’t know how many companies are looking for writers to help revamp their product descriptions. Plus, if you mention how you are adding that product to your blog and ranting and raving about how great it is, that little act of kindness on your part may be what you need to open a working relationship with that company.

5) Spam Folder

There is a saying that, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That saying is so true, especially when you think of Spam emails. Everyone hates spam. That is why all the email processors have inboxes for all the junk mail that gets sent out.

One thing you may not think about doing is going through that Spam folder and reading some of the items in there. You may be surprised how many of the sales pages you can improve. When you find a Spam email that you know you can spruce up, contact the person who sent it and tell them how you can help their landing/sales page.

You never know, you may find that the person who wrote it, wasn’t a professional writer and just wanted to get something out there to the masses. From there you can establish yourself as their writer and help build their newsletter, blog or whatever writing challenges they need help with.


Not talking about creating a product to sell, although you could. When it comes to Clickbank you will find a lot of products and sales pages that could use a little help. That is where you can come in. Take about an hour or so and go through the Affiliate Marketplace to find a sales page or product that is lacking. Then contact the seller and see if they would like your help making the sales page better and more presentable.

You will be surprised at how many poorly-written sales pages you will find. After all, people don’t usually spend much time on the selling aspect. They think once they got a product it will sell itself. Oftentimes, though, the page looks blah and could use some serious help.

3) Unknown Music Groups or Art Shows

There are always bands trying to make their mark on their hometown and break out into the big leagues. Did you know that if you approach them with an idea of running their blogs, you could end up with tons of work? Getting out and talking to other creative people could help boost your bottom line as well.

Maybe ask them about managing their website and online presence so that more people will go to their shows? When it comes to picking a band to support, choose one that excites you. You never know–if they hit it big because of your marketing and blogging, you could be looking at a higher paying gig in the future.

If music isn’t your thing and you prefer the art scene, you can work the same idea with artists and art shows. You aren’t technically a “manager” for their art, but you can boost their online presence with a blog that features their work and upcoming shows.

2) Newspapers

Many people read newspapers (print and online) to see what is going on in the world today. Did you know that newspapers offer an opinion section where everyday people can write about topics that inspire or irritate them?

Although you won’t get paid right away, writing a column in any newspaper that has your name on it is great publicity. Plus, if your column gets more people to respond, the newspaper editor may contact you for a paying gig on a weekly basis. Going this route will take time, but persistence pays off. How do you think newspapers started with “advice” columns anyway? One letter at a time.

1) Businesses Around Your Town

Many freelancers don’t realize they can find plenty of work if they are willing to go out and get it. Take restaurants for example. They need photographers to snap food photos for menus, writers to enhance the food descriptions on the menus, and social media gurus to encourage people to talk positively about the restaurant.

This is where you can come in. Because most businesses have an online presence, you can present yourself to any brick-and-mortar establishment in your area as someone who can help grow their business. When you schedule a meeting with the owner, ask them why they aren’t online yet. Ask them if they would like to see an increase in sales and be able to compete with other companies?

Many store owners may be online, but their blog could use some help. If you do your research before meeting the owner, you can narrow down specific things you can do to help them out. Then–Viola!–you have a paying freelance gig to help boost the business–and the business will earn extra revenue from your assistance, so everyone wins. You can also use this same approach and cold pitch businesses online using or even

Freelance writing is an amazing career choice


Freelance writing is an amazing career choice. If you chose this profession then you probably know that hustling is part of the fun. The more unique ideas you have, the more chances you have at scoring a long-term client.

Remember: when things get slow, don’t get discouraged–keep the pitches flowing. Don’t forget to socialize and advertise that you are a writer. Get a magnet to put on your car if you think it will bring in more work. Or get business cards to leave at restaurants with the tip.

You never know a college kid may need help editing a dissertation. Or you may come across the restaurant owner who may need new blog content. Perhaps the customer who is two tables over may be looking for someone to write their eBook. The sky’s the limit and it is only contained by your imagination. So get out there and get to work!

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