12 Ways to Break into Freelance Wedding Blogging

Have you ever wanted to break into wedding blogging but just aren’t sure exactly how? It’s not as hard as you may think. I’ve put together ways to break into this often competitive niche.

Troll Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, use some creative hashtags to find what you’re looking for. Key phrases include “wedding blog,” “wedding inspiration,” “wedding day.” By searching for key phrases like those, chances are a wedding blog comes up. Contact the owner or editor and ask to write—more than likely they’re looking for some extra help. 

Read Your Local Wedding Blogs

Here in D.C., we have United With Love, District Weddings, Borrowed and Blue and a Capitol Romance. Send your resume and some clips and ask to write. You’ll never know until you try.

Learn the Writing Style

Wedding blogs are their own unique animal. While they are conversational like many blogs out there, they are slightly more girly. Don’t be afraid to be a little cuter than you’d be normally comfortable with. Wedding blogs are all about using words like pretty, lovely, adorable and gorgeous.

Visit Wedding Showcases

If you’re serious about getting into wedding blogging, many major cities host wedding showcases. They are full of local vendors that are great to get to know, not to mention they are great practice for learning who’s who in the business (there are often many celebrity guest appearances).

Schedule Time to Write

Wedding blogging isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re writing for someone, prepare yourself for many late nights, trying again and again until you get each post correct and asking lots of questions. Writing for a wedding blog often isn’t a week-to-week affair, it’s more like day to day.

Embrace Creative Ideas

Once you’ve read your local blogs, start getting creative. Think about what you can do to make them bigger, better and more fun to read. Once you’ve come up with a plan, pitch your ideas to those blogs. Chances are, you’ll get some regular gigs with them.

Decide What Niche You Want to Pursue

I’ve written for a local wedding blog, a blog for curvy brides and another for South Asian brides. I’ve learned so much from all three blogs while exploring various wedding blog specializations. That is one thing I’ve learned—the wedding blog industry is very niche-heavy.

Stay Positive

If you’re planning on making a career out of wedding blogging, being a Debbie Downer is not a way to succeed. Positivity is the number one tip to succeed in this business.

Photos Mean Just as Much as Content

Sure, you need to know how to write to be a good wedding blogger, but choosing good photos means just as much as the paragraph or two underneath it.

Be Ready to Wear Many Hats

I have sold advertising for wedding blogs I’ve written for, done data entry and worked on social media for the blogs. It’s important to be prepared and to wear many hats. Be prepared with an open mind and a certain eagerness.

Write Lively and Concisely

Blogs in general are typically shorter, more succinct posts. You’ll want to stay with just a couple paragraphs at most, and if you’re working on an interview with a bride, keep it Q&A style.

Create Your Own Wedding Blog

The great thing about wedding blogging is that it can never be too saturated. After some research, if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, start your own blog. All you need are some basic HTML and writing skills and a whole lot of passion, time and love. You don’t even have to be married!

Bonus video: The Secret Life of a Wedding Blogger

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Kate Oczypok

Kate Oczypok

Kate Oczypok is a freelance writer and piano teacher living in the D.C. area. She writes for various D.C. publications, Brides Magazine's digital department, Amendo and various wedding blogs. She worked full-time for a Congressional newspaper before getting a Masters in Education and living the freelance life along with teaching 28 children ages 3-15 basic piano.

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