10 Little-Seen Opportunities to Find Online Writing Jobs

You know about Upwork.com. You know about sites like Guru.com. You might even find online writing jobs there sometimes, bringing in a nice income while you work for yourself.

But you want more.

Even the world’s most successful freelancers are wise to put their eggs in more than one basket. Whether you need to diversify your clientele or you simply need to find new potential ways to win writing clients, finding little-seen opportunities for online work will always work to your benefit.

Even so, you don’t want to get halfway into a month-long project to find out that your project was never “for real” in the first place. You need to find some consistent sources of online writing jobs. Here are 10 such sources:


Indeed.com offers legitimate jobs for freelance writersI know what you’re thinking: Indeed is a day-job site—big companies looking for full-time employees. Just what you’re looking to avoid. And indeed, Indeed.com is just that.

But Indeed.com  is also more than that. It’s also a job site where companies are looking for work-from-home writers, for writing interns, for telecommuting copy editors who can work on a contract basis. And what are those job opportunities if not legitimate sources for freelance writing revenue? Finding the right jobs on Indeed will require a bit of haystack-searching, but the jobs here are legitimate and the companies are large.


Sell your freelance articles at Constant-Content.comIf you’re sick of spending 90% of your day looking for new clients, Constant Content offers a reversal: you can write content and place it for sale.

By creating this on-demand content, you forgo the promise of immediate payment—but you also set yourself up for income down the road. Constant Content also offers on-demand hiring, but with a strict set of rules and guidelines, it takes some time to crack. This is a great source for those who haven’t yet quit their day job.


Reddit is part social media site, part message board, part news aggregator—with just a pinch of genuine opportunities thrown in.

The site is populated by millions of people and thousands upon thousands of “Subreddits,” each of which varies in quality and traffic. But at ForHire (also known as /r/ForHire), there are legitimate job openings for developers, designers, illustrators, artists, and, yes, writers.

To find the opportunities you’ll likely have to sift through the “For Hire” posts and the “Hiring” posts; you want the “hiring” posts if you’re looking for a job. But one word of warning: Reddit’s admins are very wary of spamming, and sending users private messages is frowned upon. Ask permission before sending a private message to win a job.

Another word to the wise: Reddit is a free-for-all, essentially. You’ll have to work out individual payment terms with each person you contact.


HireAWriter—Reddit.comWith the above warnings about proper usage of Reddit still applying, there’s another niche you’ll want to know about: /r/HireAWriter.  Though not nearly as populated as the latter, HireAWriter is dedicated exclusively to online writing jobs, which means there’s much left sifting to do as well.

A visit every week or so should yield consistent new job opportunities for aspiring freelance writers who are looking for independent writing jobs. Once again, remember that this is the Wild West for writers—all payment terms are agreed upon you and the client independently.

Freelance Writers Den

Freelance Writers Den offers quality writing jobsA common theme of online job boards is that writers have to sift through low-quality and irrelevant projects before finding something up their alley.

The appeal of Freelance Writers Den is their “no junk” policy: just quality writing jobs for quality writers.

The catch is a membership fee, but freelance writers who already earn an income are no strangers to membership fees. You may also find yourself on a waiting list before being able to sign up—they avoid crowding—but it’s better to get your name on the list sooner rather than later.

Envato Studio

Submit your writing services at Envato StudioMaybe Envato is stretching the phrase “little-seen opportunities” a bit. This is, after all, a popular job board with plenty of traffic.

But because Envato invites freelancers of your caliber to submit their writing services and sell yourself—often before an order is placed—there’s also very little work for you to do. You can simply plug in and wait, considering Envato Studio another line cast into the water. It’s a tool underutilized by too many, which is why it belongs on this list.

Krop Jobs Board

Find freelance copywriting jobs at Krop Jobs BoardHere’s another popular solution that earns its place on the list because writers are something of an afterthought. As you might tell by the name, Krop is generally geared toward designers and illustrators. But every so often you’ll find copywriting jobs and positions posted to the site.

Is it worth the expense? You might want to try a free trial at first to check on how many jobs get posted suiting your services.

Morning Coffee by Freelance Writing

FreelanceWriting.com's Morning Coffee eNewsletterThose of you serious about freelance writing are probably familiar with FreelanceWriting.com—after all, it’s in the name.

But their Morning Coffee newsletter updates you with available jobs on their jobs board, giving you a head start on the daily routine. That is, if you’re willing to take advantage of it. If you’re in a rush, you can check out their job board right now.

Writing Assist

Writing Assistance Inc. offers jobs in technical writingWriting Assist is less a jobs board than a writing placement center, but if you’re looking for extra work, it’s always worth a look.

The jobs here tend toward technical work and even medical writing, which means it might be an ideal place if you have highly specialized writing skills. If not, there are always plenty of projects for writers of broad talents like yourself.

Edit Fast

Find writing jobs at Edit FastMaybe writing isn’t so much your bag as editing. In that case, Edit Fast has an obvious target audience of those looking for quality editing. You can find writing jobs here as well, so it’s a worthwhile page for freelancers of all types to investigate.

If you’re looking to make a name for yourself, there are plenty of writing contests to check out. It might be a worthwhile investment of your time if you’re sticking to a day job at the moment. Otherwise, check out their potential jobs in editing and proofreading.

Finding the Right Opportunities for You

One thing I can promise: not all of these sites are for you. Some might do a better job at getting you the consistent writing work you need; others might not deliver the kinds of clients you’re looking for.

But if you want to avoid sticking to just one job site or one freelance writing board for all of your business, you’ll have to start somewhere. Even if that means taking a look at some of the opportunities that many writers do not.

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